About Red Bison

Welcome to Red Bison!

As a Registered Student Organization (RSO) on campus, Red Bison focuses on practicing restoration ecology throughout native Illinois landscapes in Champaign-Urbana. We maintain local grasslands and forests by controlling invasive species, promoting native species, performing prescribed burns, and learning more about native wildlife. Red Bison also often collaborates with other ecological student organizations on campus, with a focus on sustainability. We also have social events every now and then, such as bonfires.

In the past, prairie fires have been referred to as “The Red Bison”, with their blazes looming on the horizon reminiscent of huge, flaming stampedes of bison. In the wake of these raging walls of flame, the scorched landscape sprang back to life as the roots and seeds underground bounced back with vigor. These periodic infernos which kept our native prairie a stable biological community for thousands of years. Like the Red Bison of folklore, we also hope to be a positive agent of change in what is left of Illinois’ natural landscape.

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